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Every organization can find people. Finding the right person requires something more. It requires understanding, commitment and, above all, the motivation to always make a little more. This is something our recruiting consultants have.

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Recruiting by us

Recruiting staff in Switzerland has never been more difficult than it is today. Attract the best candidates on the market requires time, dedication and knowledge of where to look. Additionally, you don’t just spend time on the candidates that are interesting right now, you must put as much focus on those candidates who may be interested later on. We will help you with this and let you focus on your core business.

We are driven by taking challenges, making you grow as a customer and together do a little bit more.

Why using a recruitment agency?

With Academic Work, you get access to our large network and our expertise on young professionals. We are experts at students and academics at the beginning of their careers. With our long experience of the target group, we have come to know them, know what they are driving and how to get in touch with those who are interesting to your company. Our niche. Your skills. Today and tomorrow.

What benefits for your team / company?

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