Staffing agency in Geneva

Whether you need extra staff for a few weeks or some months, 20%, part time or full time, we find a young professional who will support you and take care of everything: selection, contracts, payment of salaries, social security charges, insurance, etc. Our goal is to help you find the right people and let you focus on your core business. For more information just give us a call to our Lausanne team on 058 440 12 11!

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Why using a staffing agency?

Each company is unique and faces different challenges:

A young talent is an optimal solution to strengthen your team during these times. It is also a good way to discover future talents!

How does it work?

We fully adapt our processes to bring you the best expertise in the short and long term. You decide how much you want to be in the recruitment process, but of course you have full insight to be able to contribute and influence the result.

What makes us unique is our recruitment consultants who are eager to always do a little bit more, a little bit better to make you as a customer 100 percent satisfied

What are the benefits of staffing services for your team / company?

Are you looking for employees permanently? We can help you directly recruit an employee, find out more about our recruitment services.

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So we can discuss together your current or future needs. You can fill out the form below so that we can call you back or just call us on 058 440 12 11.

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